Orisa Music for Beginners

Connect through Orisa Music for Newbies When you are new to the traditions...  One can't help it... You want to do, and learn and do some more.  Then... you come through the grim reality that even if you can afford the Alexandrian library... you will not be able to...

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Getting Ceremonies Too Soon?!?!

Coming to these traditions is something that is pretty much a magical experience.  No way that I can ever lessen this experience for you or anyone.  Ask many folks who have walked this spiritual road before you... and they will tell you the seriously and almost...

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My God is BETTER Than Yours

I don't know why, but it seems that folks have this I'm better than you complex all through-out history.  It started from kingdoms far far away (place fairy tales music here).... to the now.  It's sad but we are in 2018 and we still are having wars, and unnecessary...

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Receiving Orisa or Ifa Items Online

You need something religious and don't have a priest available???  You go ONLINE of course and then the question becomes! To Online or Not to Online with Priests!   I know, I know, you are told that you need to be careful with online priests, and some...

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