Hey there, Orisha Wisdom Spiritual Journeymates! 🌈✨ I know, it’s been a minute since we last connected here, and oh, how I’ve missed our chats and shared moments of enlightenment! 🌟 But here’s the scoop: We’re back, and oh boy, are we coming back with a bang!

So, where have I been? Diving deep into the realms of Orisha Wisdom, but with a twist! While the blog has been our cozy little nook, I’ve been cooking up some soul-nourishing content elsewhere too. 🎙️ The Orisha Wisdom Podcast has been my playground, where I’ve been exploring, sharing, and connecting with incredible energies and stories. And guess what? We’re not stopping there!

📺 Drumroll, please… We’re making a massive leap to YouTube! Yes, you heard it right! For all things vibrant, visual, and vivacious, YouTube will be our new sanctuary. It’s the perfect place for us to dive deeper into discussions, share laughs, and learn together. Make sure to swing by, subscribe, and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts and questions in the comments. It’s going to be interactive, insightful, and a whole lot of fun!

But wait, there’s more! I hear you, my reading aficionados. 📚 While our blog might be taking a little breather, it’s not going into hibernation. I’ll be dropping by here, sharing snippets, thoughts, and reflections intermittently. Think of it as our secret rendezvous spot, where we can catch up, reflect, and share in a more intimate setting.

And for our day-to-day banter, inspirations, and quick catch-ups? The Facebook Orisha Wisdom community will be our go-to. It’s where we can keep the conversation flowing, share our journeys, and support each other in real-time. 🌿💬

So, are you ready to embark on this rejuvenated journey with me? Let’s embrace this beautiful blend of podcasts, YouTube explorations, blog musings, and Facebook community chats. Here’s to more wisdom, more connection, and more shared journeys in the vast, beautiful ocean of Orisha wisdom. Let the adventures begin! 🚀🌍💖

With much luv,

Ivon Reborn of Orisha Wisdom

#NewBeginnings #PodcastLove #YouTubeAdventures #CommunitySpirit

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