Connect through Orisa Music for Newbies

When you are new to the traditions…  One can’t help it… You want to do, and learn and do some more.  Then… you come through the grim reality that even if you can afford the Alexandrian library… you will not be able to get far without a godparent in the traditions.


You begin to learn about your Ori, and your Ancestors… and yet… you still need something to connect you… So…. here is this post just for you. 

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Importance why?

The importance about music in these African descendant traditions is so major… that it forms an intricate part of many of the things that we do.  

In our traditions… we sing just about for everything.  There is a song to wash a person, wash a head, work with herbs, meal-time, and many other things.  Song forms an intricate part of how we worship and how we connect to the energies around us.

Have you ever noticed that when you are mad… and you blast your favorite “insert positive song in here” and belt it out with your heart (whether it sounds good or not… but you belt it out)… that you don’t feel bad afterwards?  Why is that?  Because you are tapping on energy….  If that is the case within our traditions… then why wouldn’t it tap into our spirituality?

It oh so taps into our spirituality and then some… 


  • The drums– … are a very important aspect of our worship.  Have you ever heard the music of the drums live?  It’s almost like your beating heart can connect to it.  (Haven’t experienced that yet?)  Don’t worry… you will… and it’s going to be awesome.  It’s a connection that just about every one who worships Orisa has.
  • Songs– In our traditions, the importance of songs is far too great.
    • Through song,  you can connect to that Orisa’s energy that you are singing to.
    • Through song, you can connect to the community who is singing with you.
    • Through song, you can find healing.
    • Through song, you can for a moment forget your worries… because you cannot be in worry, anger, and negativity at the same time that you are singing

What can you do at the moment????

Learn Orisa songs…. – Learning the Orisa songs will give you many many things. From confidence, to connection with your community and the energy… we got that… but how do we learn?

  • Call and Response– These traditions are sung… through call and response.  Someone makes a call… and the community responds….  The best thing to do is to learn those responses.  You will find that there are some songs that you absolutely resonate with… and you will find that there is an Orisa whose music you completely gravitate to.  (That doesn’t mean that you are child of that Orisa… but that the music moves you….)

Here are some music to help you start to learn

Here is a small collection of great albums to help you to begin to learn these songs…. because I can totally see… that when it comes to spiritual things… you will download one of these (or pull out the CD player — yes, some people still have one of those — oh don’t judge them lol)  and go through a tough time, or spiritually clean your home.. or just clean your home… or commute… and you will be definitely living the Orisa Traditions culture.  …………………. Enjoy

 Bembe — I love this album still… because you can REALLY get a grasp of the words.  It’s a great album to begin to learn the words on songs which will be sung on many Orisa events… especially Lukumi events.

 Grupo Folklorico Obonekue – They have CDs to all of the Orisas and I love that you can really hear the pronounciation on these albums…   Here is one of them.

Abilona y Tambor Yoruba – They also have a series of Orisa music, and many of these songs you will hear in Lukumi events.  They are great and you can really learn the responses through here as well.

Cantos A Los Orishas – Great album with songs for many Orisa.  You can hear the calls and responses well on this album.

  Lazaro Ros – No list can be made without mentioning this wonderful akpon (Orisa music singer).  He sang from his heart and there are many CDs out there with songs for different Orisas.  Note that some of his words are not correct in some songs…. however… that is minor considering how much he sang on any one of the albums.

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  Bata Ketu – This is probably one of my favorite albums.  I love the rhythms… the singers and they taught me a great deal.  The way they sing… just hits home for me. 🙂

Which are your go-to Orisa Tradition albums or artists?

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