Coming to these traditions is something that is pretty much a magical experience.  No way that I can ever lessen this experience for you or anyone.  Ask many folks who have walked this spiritual road before you… and they will tell you the seriously and almost rainbow butterfly times that they were going through (as well as some scary times).  They would see things that weren’t there before…  They would start hearing things..   A certain color would appear more often…  A certain animal…  A certain number… Oh my goodness… and the dreams!  It’s like your mind is seriously meeting up with African Harry Potter land and you are in the middle of that movie.

It is natural to want to do, join and learn….  As an aleyo, you begin to meet more people… and then…. the question that you have been waiting for… has now been asked.

Ready to get (warriors, elekes, Olokun, Hand of Ifa, or name other initiation here)??? 

Now the pressure is ON!  You are thinking….  That’s right?  When am I going to do (insert name that ceremony here)?  The stress is on.  You are already picturing yourself getting that initiation or ceremony.  Any why not?  You’ve been researching for a solid 8 months.  You haven’t slept in 3 weeks… It must be a sign right?

Are you feelin’ the pressure yet?  Are you excited just thinking about it?  (If this already happened to you — don’t kill it for the newer ones…)

It gets more interesting as time goes by.  Hmmm… what to get into now?   …………………..  Hmmmm….

BOOKS!  (Why not?  I can order it from Amazon and it can be on my tablet in 10 seconds! – unless it’s an older book…. and searching the library, or eBay or (insert used book store here)…. We are on our way.

Now you are reading on how Marta Moreno Vega got initiated ….. (click here for book)….. OR checking out a great novela on someone else’s initiation (click here for The Accidental Santera book link).  And you begin to day dream…

Day dream on how it’s going to be for you… When it’s going to be your turn to cross that threshold in order to walk that path… but for you.  Then you start getting other books like The Yoruba Concepts book ————– and another Yoruba Traditions book 

And you are READY!   Ready to take the plunge into anything with Orisa and are willing to sell your cat and your right foot’s toe in order to purchase a ticket to (insert name of place here….) in order to get initiated into (you know the drill… name it in here)….  That way… you can be one step closer to Ocha, or whatever it is that you want next…

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One little problem….

Sometimes in wanting to fulfill that ‘dream’ or ‘goal’, of reaching your Spiritual-Ness…. we stumble upon some decisions which later on could cost us quite a bit.

Each initiation or ceremony… comes with a responsibility.  Not only… responsibility towards that Orisa that you are now receiving…. but also a huge commitment with the person who has made this ceremony possible for you.

Are you ready to accept his/her teachings?  Are you sure that this is the person who will be there for you until …. the very end?  Are you sure that this person is really knowledgeable?  (Remember… years alone doesn’t make you Yogi Master Zen of Yoruba Orisa Stuff).

There is a lot of confusion that comes with the ‘rush’ of…. ‘when are you going to get XYZ?’  It’s pressure….

Many ceremonies that are received in our traditions… are necessary for the evolution of a person… however it is not a life or death thing.  Most of the time…. waiting is far more prudent… than rushing.

NOOOO! Don’t click on the X yet!  Read me out!

Let’s say that you are in a Lukumi house (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is yet… but it is a lineage – of Orisa worshipers). AND after the first reading… they give you a List of Stuff that you need to do……. After this ebo… you’ll need to get elekes…. and warriors…… right after that, you’ll need your Hand of Orunla… and then …. (well… I’ll stop here for a bit).

You are like  ‘BUT YES!!! I WANT THIS!’…………………..   and I’m like…… ‘But wait…. because …. what if….’

What if…. you are not totally sure of your responsibility towards this new house and ile…. and now…. you are not too sure…..  but you have just spent over $500 in getting some of this stuff… and you are like… hmmm I’ll just deal with this.

After a couple of years… you discover that you don’t really care for this new godparent….. and you’re not feeling all of the gossip that happens in this ile (spiritual house)….

But now… you have spent a bit more on a couple of more ceremonies.. and you want ‘OUT!’…..

What now????

Now… you have to get ‘out’ of this ile… and are running around on the sneak behind your godparent’s knowledge… trying to find someone who will take you in.

This is disrespectful to that godparent… but let’s get real here…. Many folks are not that brave to tell their godparents that they don’t want to work with them anymore… and they run and hide.

So?  You found someone who would help you?  But... after a few readings… and you were able to break free…..  Now you will have to start ALL OVER…  You will need new set of elekes… most likely a new set of warriors… and there is a big possibility that your hand of Orunla will also have to be a new one….   (That is now into the thousands… and you are starting ALL OVER!)  Now …. believe it or now (you don’t have to take my word for it — this has happened to many priests and aborishas before you.)

Before you get there…. Please …. heed this warning….  Take your time!  Take your time when deciding on receiving ceremonies, and know that it’s not just….

  • Because it’s good to have
  • Because if you get this right now… your luck will change and you will win a million dollars and be successful
  • Because your health will improve overnight (now… I’ve heard of some stories that this is true…. but it’s very rare that it happens overnight — and if it’s something that MUST happen right away…. trust me…. that will happen whether the $ is there or not…. {maybe for another post])
  • Because if you don’t do it right now you’ll have bad luck
  • Because if you don’t do it right now you’ll die (this is VERY rare and don’t personally know a single person that this has been the case).
  • Because if you don’t do it right now… you’ll have bad luck!

Frankly…. scare tactics are something that has been used in many traditions…. and don’t totally blame the priest… but many have been taught this way…. So they interpret what they see that way as well.

Just know… that YOU have a CHOICE… to come to the foot of Orisa.

If they know that you are making this change… but that you are just waiting for a better time or to check out these spiritual folks…. Orisa isn’t going to kill you for that…. Honestly… they are far too busy doing Nature things…. such as making sure that the Earth still turns, and trees still grow, etc.

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Take your time….  It may seem like you are walking backwards… but really… it’s saving you much more time and money.

What are your thoughts on this?  Has any of this happened to you?  Someone you know?  Are you in any of these spots?  Leave a Comment below OR Join in the Convo —-

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