Welcome to the Orisha Wisdom Podcast Episode 61!  This is an Ask A Priest episode where someone asked the question … here is the full question… and the background to the question   “Hi, my girlfriend is Cuban ( lived here in the uk for many years) and her father is a priest in the religion. He has suggested I have my three day ceremony to obtain my “Life Sign” but I’m anxious because one I’m new to this religion but want to do it for my girlfriend and two I have this feeling of mistrust with him because of things that have happened and been said in the past because he has asked Orula in some big decisions that I feel my girlfriend and myself should make as two grown adults. He has been in the religion for twenty plus years but is involved in every decision we make plus I mistrust the business side of the religion and feel he may be abusing it for self gain from myself. I might be completely wrong but the doubt is constantly on my mind . Am I overthinking the religion aspects?”

This is a great question… and guess what… we are grateful for your trust in our community……  Listen in to hear this answer.

Thank you for listening  and watching, and look down below for links of all the things that we discussed and something all of the announcements.  There are some awesome stuff coming and you don’t want to miss them!



Thank you so much for listening and watching!

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