There is a thought that everything bad that happens to folks is because someone is throwing bad juju on them.  Someone is ‘working them’.  Witchcraft is real!  It is… but it doesn’t mean that everything bad that happens in life is because of witchcraft.  This is an a special episode for those who may have that fear and paranoia that someone is working them all the time.  In this episode, you’ll find some tools to help with this paranoia that will save you years from your lifespan, grief and money.



Sleep better – This is a great resource – Book by Shawn Stevenson

8 Strategies discussed

  1. Daily affirmations (click here for the affirmations discussed)
  2. Wake up early and focus on you
  3. Sleep well
  4. Journal
  5. Read positive books
  6. Stay off from Trash TV
  7. Pray daily
  8. Empower your Ori daily


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