Have you had a moment where inspiration hits you SO HARD that you can’t stop thinking and working towards something?  When inspiration hit for this podcast session… it was so strong that it even interrupted sleep!  So here it goes…………………… What is one of the things that many pray to Orisa for?  Health is a big one….  Love, is another one…..  Protection….   What about Abundance?    It is something that many DO pray for… and really… who doesn’t want abundance in their lives?

This is a BONUS podcast episode to cover a Recipe for Abundance in the Orisha Traditions.  

This episode has a two part response for the abundance challenge that many of us have and we go to Orisa for.  I hope that you find this informative and inspiring!

Resources discussed in the episode:

Olubunmi Creations blog about Domestic Violence 

Olubunmi Creations blog when announcement went out for Changing Minds

Futures Without Violence – Changing Minds

James Wedmore podcast #135 The Secret to Wealth Attraction 

Want to help others?  Watch this video: Water




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