Thank you for checking out the fifth episode of the Orisha Wisdom Podcast.  This session is all about the why, Aleyos, Aborishas and New Priests are the Jewels of our Spiritual Iles, Houses, and Spiritual Community.

This episode sheds light on some of of the outcomes that can come out of negative situations from the mistreatment of aleyos, aborishas and new priests.  It is the responsibility of priests to treat the newest folks well, and to be an example.

Our spiritual community must work hard to treat well these new people coming into our traditions and this episode shines a bit of light on the ‘why’ we should.  Besides it being a point of just being a great human being, there are spiritual reasons on why to do this which will affect each of us as well.

Our traditions can stay alive by others remembering us, and passing down these traditions and we have to always remember that.

The Orisa traditions are beautiful and ancient – if they are to survive, we must provide a great environment for those who are the ones to maintain them in the future.  This episode shares some stories, and I hope that you find them helpful.

Thank you so much for listening!

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