The Orisha Wisdom Podcast Session 3

Thank you for checking out the third episode of the Orisha Wisdom Podcast.  This episode is about Iwa Pele.

What is Iwa Pele? – It’s Good Moral Character, also known as Gentle Character.  You may also hear the term Iwa Rere – and this also means Good Character.

In the spirit of reflection as the year is  ending, this is a good time to look back and take inventory of ourselves and commit to having a better moral character.  On the episode we discussed the 8 steps into improving one area of your character in the new year.  For these 8 steps to work, you must commit to them for 28 days (although I prefer 30!)

Step 1 – Write it down

Step 2 – choose the 3 you’d like to work on

Step 3 – Create sections

Step 4 – Triggers

Step 5 – Action items

Step 6 – Choose 3 action items

Step 7 – Choose one area to work on

Step 8 – write down your daily affirmation

In the episode we discuss how we blend the Orishas into this process and why it’s so powerful and provide value to us.


Other resources: 

Rubber band method – Method 1

Snapping rubber band method 

Book: The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod

Whole 30 – System to resent your body by eating super clean for a month.  (This system is awesome) If you’re interested in the book to go along with that… click here.

Book: Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Carone



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