Welcome to a new section of the Orisha Wisdom Podcast! It’s called *drum roll please* Ask A Priest – Have you ever had a burning question that you’d like to ask an Orisa Priest? This is the perfect way to get some answers to help you on your journey.  Well…. this is the second installment!  AND the 20th Episode…… Woooo hoooo!!!!

The question for today is “What are some credentials a priest should have so that someone who is new can trust them??”

The best answer that I can give you is in short…

If you want a paper credential… they do exist…. However…. the best credential is ‘results from work done’.  Listen in to the full response and let me know if you agree… or not.

What do you think of the Ask A Priest Series?? Share your comments and thoughts as well. 🙂


Thank you so much for listening!

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