New folks in the tradition want to know many things…. and there is one super foundational piece that if we miss… we could miss a lot… including our destinies.  This episode will go well into the woo woo…. but Yoruba style.  Get ready for a fun and deep ride… on how you can RUN towards your destiny!

There is that Key though?

What is it?

Our Ori(s) — Your ORI.  

What is it?  Your Highest of Self — Introducing… you to your Own Personal Orisa!

Discover how to connect with this energy which is very pure and very yours…   —

Want to connect with your Ori?  Try these tools:

  • Daily Words of Affirmation – Employ the power of Ofo Ase – The Power of the Word
  • Prayers to develop and strengthen and align your Ori
  • Meditation with your Ori
  • Spiritual work to strengthen your Ori (You need to do this with a competent priest well versed with working with Ori)

Learn the importance of Ori work & get this KEY to shift your LIFE today… so that it can move speedily towards your Destiny!

Click here to grab the Ori Affirmations discussed on the podcast – to begin to work with ORI.

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