Love stew?  Hmmmm who doesn’t?  It’s quite yummy!  It is best to leave the mixing to the kitchen, not your spiritual reading!

This episode discusses:

  1. The importance of getting your spiritual reading with ONE SYSTEM ONLY.
  2. 5 reasons on why NOT to mix traditions on spiritual readings.
  3. 2 tips on avoiding a mix of traditions or faiths in your spiritual readings


5 Reasons to NOT mix traditions for readings

  1. Bringing different traditions to one reading is not honoring any one system
  2. May bring confusion
  3. The ebo may bring conflict
  4. Does not give respect to any one deity
  5. There is Power when you call upon ONE belief system to help you


Tips for making sure that you know what tradition you are getting your reading on. 

  1. When setting up your reading find out in what tradition (what kind of reading) will you be receiving
  2. When you arrive at the reading – confirm again



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