Going to any spiritual reading is always great, helpful and can even be fun (depending on what you are going to a priest for LOL).  The not so fun part is when you get that laundry list of things that you cannot do, and foods you cannot eat also known as taboos or list of prohibitions.  A question that has come up often is…. Are the Prohibitions on Readings Forever?

It’s easy to get very overwhelmed with this information – Imagine… that every time you go to a reading you have a new laundry list of things that you cannot do?  Is that right though?

In this episode we cover the multiple types of readings and the strength of each of their taboos.

  • Readings for wellness, job, issues, etc.
  • Ita readings
  • Readings on businesses, marriage, letters of the year


Tips discussed 

  1. Bring your pen and paper
  2. Take notes on everything
  3. Ask questions on the length of taboos
  4. Adhere to behavioral prohibitions



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