Welcome to the Orisha Wisdom Podcast.  This is a very special episode…. dedicated to those who are serious about being in these traditions, and are hoping to initiate into the mysteries of Orisa someday.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be initiated?

What it takes to be initiated?

Can it even happen to you?

Listen in to this super candid conversation with Dr. Greg Jackson who at the time of this recording was still a Iyawo in our traditions, and find out, step-by-step, how he came to the foot of Orisa… to become an initiate.  There are some very deep thoughts in this conversation, he drops reality bombs which answer questions that you probably didn’t ever want to ask.  Everything was put on the table!

Think that someday you might initiate?  Might initiate?  Would like to initiate?

Then listen to this episode and let’s go on this journey together…  Listen in… and have fun.



Thank you so much for listening!

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Things we talked about in this Episode

Want to know more about Dr. Greg Jackson?  His site isn’t finished yet… but he opened up to everyone in the FB Community. 
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