On this episode we have the honor and pleasure of having with us… the Amazing…. Iya Ife Michelle!  (If you think I’m kidding on how excited I am about this episode…. just listen to it… Seriously… I can barely contain myself lol).  This conversation tackles a VERY IMPORTANT subject within the traditions….  Many people ask the ever pressing question on “how to connect with Orisha?” ———–  Nope… we are not going to talk about shrines, and initiation…. but…. DANCE!  Iya Ife Michelle will share her experiences on Spiritually Connecting to Orisha through dance, the importance and more on protocols AND a special gift to all of our listeners.. Just mention Orisha Wisdom!

Links discussed on this episode: 

** To learn the 5 Top Things to Know Before Choosing a Godparent in the Orisa Traditions — go to https://orishawisdom.com/godparentchoice 

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Thank you so much for listening!

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