Welcome to the section of the Orisha Wisdom Podcast called Ask A Priest – Have you ever had a burning question that you’d like to ask an Orisa Priest? This is the perfect way to get some answers to help you on your journey.

The question for today is I am very new and I’ve read a lot of things… but don’t know what to expect.  I got a reading scheduled with some priest who contacted me online and now I’m ready to move ahead.  I’ve never been to his house before. What should I expect?”

Listen to this episode to get the answers….

See below some of the points that were discussed in this episode:

  1. Confirm the details prior to your reading
  2. Be there early
  3. Shut off your phone or put it on Do Not Disturb
  4. Bring a friend
  5. Take notes
  6. If you need to cancel – do so with ample time
  7. Don’t just not show up
  8. Ask questions
  9. You should have a clear understanding of what is your ebo, and the details of that prior to your reading ending
  10. Be mindful of that priest’s time – they also have a life

Listen in as there are other points there to help you with your first reading… and all future readings.

What do you think of the Ask A Priest Series?? Share your comments and thoughts as well. 🙂

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