This episode is one for the books!  This is the VERY FIRST interviewed guest in the Orisha Wisdom Podcast.  I am so excited to share that Iya Funlayo Wood Menzies has graciously shared some of her time and wisdom with our community to discuss various topics encompassing Abundance.

This conversation tapped on some topics that were discussed… For this episode… grab a notebook and jot down information… you will be so glad that you did.

  •  Your good behavior and living a good life is much better at defending your spiritual position vs. arguing with others when they disagree with your spiritual beliefs
  • When the student is ready – the master appears
  • We have to have a progressive and growth mindset
  • The infamous blog post which explains money and the spiritual workers ‘5 Reasons why spirit workers be like show me the money’
  • Money as an energy exchange in the Western world
  • Approach your life from an abundant point of view vs. from a place of lack
  • Pray for your actual needs – not just for money.  Your goal has to be the end goal, not money
  • One cannot have a takers mentality – things of value cannot be expected to be given for free
  • There are charlatans that we do have to weary of
  • Key – find a teacher who is true to teaching you
  • We have to value ourselves and how we choose to grow ourselves
  • Diving timing is everything – honor to Esu
  • Check out this Chakra meditation Beginning at 1:04:00  To release negative feelings about money and abundance
  • Remember that our Ancestry is important and we might connect spiritually through other modalities WITHOUT making a modge podge
  • Learn a modality that works well for us, learn it well, and practice that

Iya offered for all of our community the following:

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Thank you so much for listening!

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