Personal Spiritual Support – 30 minutes


Need support in your journey?  Confused on which direction to go?  Someone recently messaged you telling you that if you don’t marry them, spend XYZ in this spiritual work, get this Orisa, initiate in this or that… that your life will be turned upside down?

Need someone to talk to about this Journey?  This is a BRAND NEW service created to provide individual support with these traditions in mind.

This package gives you a ONE-ON-ONE  30 minute session which only YOU is in mind.  I can be pretty direct and will not sugar coat things.. but the support is 100% real.  I have been one of those aleyos and lost aborisas and I wish that this service would have been available.  Sometimes… you just need an outside unbiased point of view.


Get Personal Support on your Spiritual Journey.  Time is everyone’s most valuable asset — and we can waste a lot of it by not knowing which direction to go to… Especially when we are in the Orisa Traditions and we have different traditions inside of it.


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