Orisha Wisdom – Begins


Aren’t the Orisha traditions just amazing?  Do you remember when you got your first reading and how your mind just went ‘WOW!’ It almost feels like you are walking and living in an alternate world where the spiritual is there, and then there is the mundane or the every-day life!

Curiosity takes hold and now…  you must know more

I’ve seen this time and time again when we see a brand new person come in for a reading and leaves with the eyes shining like two stars, and you can tell that the time mind grew a few sizes.  It’s quite an amazing experience!  These traditions are unique because although it is a communal religion (you practice with others), it is a very individual experience.  You receive these messages and these messages guide you on your path.  If you go to an event, and the Orishas come down, and you receive more messages.  You go to a reading, and you receive more messages.  That is when it dawned that we are always just receiving Orisha Wisdom…. and voila…. the name was born.  It is so fitting, and it really is just that.

The symbol represented is an African Adinkra “Nyansapo” known as the ‘wisdom knot’ that symbolizes wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience.  

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As I begin this journey with you as well, I hope not only to share my journey with you, but others’ journeys as well — and the positivity and tools that will hopefully make your journey a much smoother ride.

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