Aleyos 101

No more 'Lost' Feeling

Being new to the traditions is overwhelming, scary, and frankly there are many pressures that come up.

1. How do I get initiated?

2. Who will be my godparent?

3. When do I get my elekes/warriors, etc?

Aleyos 101 is a course made just for aleyos (new to the traditions) and new aborishas (new followers of the faith).

Aleyos 101 Features


Feature #1

An online course loaded to combat overwhelm by answering the What’s, Why’s, and How’s.

When anyone comes into these traditions, they come in with a million questions.  And every time a question is answered, a 100 more come up.  This is a course to tackle overwhelm from the ground up.  It helps folks learn the what’s (what is this, what is it called, what does it look like) – as it pertains to our traditions.  Now… there is a way to find out all the answer to so many of those small questions (and big ones) that just aren’t answered in one source.  Aleyos 101 puts it all together, simply and in a way that you can connect from day ONE.

Feature #2

Aleyos 101 was created with the newest of Aleyo and new Aborisha in mind.  Connection and Foundation. This course takes the time to explain from the beginning the Spiritual Connection Foundations that will always be your strength in your path within this faith.  Think about it… coming in from another tradition, it’s like… going back to kindergarten, and then you are lost again.  No need!  With Aleyos 101, you can truly begin to solidify your foundation in a unique spiritual practice.

Feature #3

There is a Facebook Community just for all who go through Aleyos 101! This by itself is worth its weight in gold.  Imagine, knowing that you can post somewhere without being judged?  Without being berrated or disrespected.  Just go in and know that those there have been through a similar journey than you and can relate to your questions and your journey.  This is a super effective way to have a true sense of community while you are in the beginning stages of finding your own spiritual way within these traditions! There is strength in community!

Feature #4

Learning for every style! People learn in different ways.  Not everyone can sit and learn from 7 hours of teaching.  Some folks learn visually, others by doing, and Aleyos 101 has made it super easy to learn in different ways in order help folks digest the information in the most effective way for them by using fantastic technology!  Yes!  Spirituality and technology mix pretty well!

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