Service #1 Community



It takes a COMMUNITY to build the world – Building a supportive community in which people can feel comfortable to learn, ask questions and know that we were all ‘there’ at one point is key.

POSITIVITY is gold – There are so many bad things happening in the world, and the stresses of adding spirituality especially when you’re new to these traditions can push anyone backwards, and adding a dose of Positivity, goes a LONG way!

There is more than one path to the divine – There is more than one way to connect with spirituality.  If it is through Orisa worship, great!  If it is through another way… yayyy!

Useful is forever – Glitter falls off, but usefulness does not.  Knowledge with empowering tools will last a lifetime and set the tone not only in one person’s life, but for those around.

Clarity is Royalty – There’s no need to use ‘Deep thoughts by Jack Handy’, super long words, or Ultra Spiritual-ness to communicate on spirituality.

Honesty still matters – Because it does!

The Basics are Beautiful – We’ll never overlook what really matters – The Basics.  It’s good to know and teach the steps to progress, safety, and guidance to avoid pitfalls and have a great spiritual experience.

Community Features

Feature #1

There is nothing more beautiful than a caring and supportive community.

Feature #2

A safe space to ask the questions that otherwise you would not feel safe to ask, or may have been chastised for even thinking about. 

Feature #3

Speak with priests who are are willing to support you in your growth.

Feature #4

Get useful and actionable tools that you can implement right now no matter what your status in your journey is. 

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