What I Do

Helping those new to the Orisa Traditions, aleyos and aborishas (yes, you!) through the overwhelming journey of learning a new faith while avoiding pitfalls to save you time and money and making this the best Spiritual Journey!


Because I was there! Because I was a professional free agent aleyo and experienced as well as saw a lot of things. I want to share the knowledge that I’ve received so that the New Generation doesn’t have to go through the same pains that many of us did.


  • Community – Provide a supportive environment with folks at different levels of their spiritual journey – because it’s always more fun with more people than alone!
  • Positivity – Life is hard as it is, and coming in from a different spiritual way of life can be stressful!  …. And honestly…. who doesn’t want positivity in their lives?
  • Empowering Tools –  By providing knowledge and the know how’s, and what’s and why’s…. aleyos and aborisas can ask the right questions, and have tools under their belts to really give them a fighting chance to have a GREAT and HAPPY Spiritual Journey!


To help as many people who come in loving our traditions to:
  1. Avoid bad people and irresponsible priests
  2. Avoid paying for things that can be avoided and unnecessary
  3. Not waste precious time
  4. To ask ask the right questions

So that they make great choices!

Great choices = Happiness & Fulfillment!

Service #1 - Community

Orisha Wisdom strongly believes in COMMUNITY!  This is something that the strength and support of many is what makes this such an invaluable resource to ALL!

Service #2 Podcast

We are super thrilled to provide The Orisha Wisdom Podcast to ALL.  This is basically an ‘On Demand Radio Station’ that speaks about our Orisa Traditions within our Modern World!  This is a Freemium service for ALL!  Click on the Learn More button and enjoy listening!

Service #3 Aleyos 101

This is a very special project that began with the recurring comment ‘I wish that I would have known…. XYZ before I was initiated’.  I went on to speaking with other priests to see if this was the case… and it was.  Then I reached out to the community and found out that these questions were still going on.

How do Aleyos know what to do?  Who to trust?  What is right and what is made up?  How to connect even if there is no godparent?  And many more questions……  Aleyos 101 was born out of the need — to give Aleyos a fighting chance, to make great decisions which will steer their spiritual journey into a positive one!

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Making a Good Choice starts with having Good Information.

A Godparent is a Choice...  Let this Guide help you and give you a Great Start! 

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A Godparent is a Choice...  Let this Guide help you and give you a Great Start! 

Woo hooo! Check your email folders... and you should have your Guide waiting for you!

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Find out what our Yoruba Traditions have to say about male and female roles, dating, and much more with this workshop.  Huge thanks to Baba Falade for blessing us with his wisdom! 

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