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My name is:  Iya Omileti Olubunmi

You’re probably here because you found out that there are awesome African Gods called Orisa!

You’re probably here because you want to connect with your African roots.

You’re probably here because you are hungry to learn more about Orisa, and can’t get enough information on them!

You’re probably here because you want to know what is your next step spiritually!

You’re probably here because it’s overwhelming and you’re hoping that you can find something that will be spiritually meaningful to you.

Believe me, I understand.  I was exactly in that spot many moons ago, so I get it.  It’s been a roller coaster ride for me and a long journey with some crazy highs and pathetic lows.  It is my hope that this platform will help others in their journey and avoid negative experiences.


*** I was born in Venezuela, grew up in New York City, and moved down south (don’t let the Latino-ness fool you on my Africanese)

*** I’ve been in these traditions for 28 years,… (and yes, I checked the calculator to make sure.) 

*** Aside from being a Priestess of Yemonja (for 8 years) – I’m also a wife, mom of three boys, busy worker bee, motivator, podcaster, entrepreneur, school projects extraordinaire and doggy mom.

*** I love to read, but since my schedule is crazy – I listen to audio books in the car when I commute.

*** Fun fact – I knew my husband was for me because we both share the same love of chocolate… (really!) AND the same religion! (Double score!)

*** Fun fact – I sound like an articulate young girl on the phone and podcast (don’t let the voice fool you either, one of my sons just turned 20!) (ahem, thank you to my tough college Speech professor and Toastmasters!)

*** Fun fact – I mill my own grain, and bake all of the bread in the house for my boys – (my husband says that when I bake, it smells like a bakery, but he’s not complaining lol).

# of Godparents I almost had

Years as an Orisa Priestess

# of minutes it takes me to wrap a gele

# of minutes it used to take me to wrap a gele


% of time I will choose nap over anything else

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Email: light@orishawisdom.com

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