There are a few questions that are top of mind when working with folks in the Orisha Wisdom Community… and this is one of the top questions that I get…  How do I work with my Ori….    This episode is geared towards doing the work to get you towards positive things…   I hope that you find it useful…..

Here are your action steps discussed in this podcast episode.

See below things that were discussed in this episode:

  1. Listen to your messaging
  2. Review the messages
  3. Assess the messages
  4. Grieve and Accept Responsibility
  5. Create Affirmations which affirm the positive outcome that you are striving for (remember the Yoruba concept of Ofo Ase will be at play)
  6. Make a plan
  7. Express gratitude
  8. Go back to step #1

Many people think that Ori work is doing a prayer and plopping something on your head and that this is it… when there is a HUGE aspect many times forgotten by folks that think that some ebo is going to quick fix things…..

Ori work is Hard Inner Work…. there is no getting around to it.  Everything works together… the work that you do… your Ori at work… and then Orisa can step in to further assist.

I am hoping that this episode will help you in manifesting much positivity in your life… because…. Ifa wants us to succeed…

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